R & E Reports 2015


URE-01-15 Genetic stock identification of fall chum salmon in commercial harvests, Yukon River, 2015. Year 2

URE-03-15 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Subsistence Sampling: (Anvik, Galena, Ruby, Fort Yukon). Year 4

URE-05-15 Genetic stock identification of fall chum salmon in subsistence harvest from the Tanana Area, Yukon River, 2015. Year 2 (REPORT PENDING)

URE-08-15 Draanjik Salmon Weir, Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska (Phase 1: feasibility and conceptual design) (REPORT PENDING)

URE-09-15 Rapids All Season Video Monitoring, 2015.  Year 16

CRE-01-15 Mainstem Teslin River Chinook Sonar Project – 2015. Year 5

CRE-09-15 Porcupine River Sonar Program – Chinook Salmon. Year 2

CRE-10-15 Radio tracking of chum salmon in the Porcupine River, Canada. Year 3

CRE-11-15 Radio tracking of Chinook salmon and genetic sampling in the Porcupine River, Canada. Year 2

CRE-20-15 Temperature monitoring of Yukon River Chinook Salmon spawning and migration habitats in Canada. Year 3

CRE-22-15 Fishing Branch River Chum Salmon Habitat Assessment. Year 2 (REPORT PENDING)

CRE-26-15 Big Salmon River Juvenile Chinook Out-migrant Assessment Study 2015

CRE-29-15 Stewart River Sonar Pilot Program

CRE-37-15 Blind Creek Chinook Salmon Enumeration Weir. Year 13

CRE-41-15 Sonar Enumeration of Chinook Salmon on the Big Salmon River. Year 11

CRE-51-15 Michie Creek Salmon and Habitat Monitoring Project. Year 17

CRE-78-15 Collection and Analysis of Yukon River DNA Baseline Samples in Alaska and Canada. Year 9

CRE-79-15 Yukon River Salmon Stock Identification. Year 14


CRE-16-15 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Mainstem Outplant Program Spawning Evaluation. Year 2

CRE-18-15 Teslin River Chinook Stock Restoration Investigation

CRE-23-15 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Hatchery Augmentation Feasibility Assessment and Development (REPORT PENDING)

CRE-25-15 Ta’an Kwäch’än Council Fox Creek Salmon Restoration Project. Year 3

CRE-28-15 Southern Lakes Chinook Salmon Restoration and Enhancement (REPORT PENDING)


CRE-02-15 Salmon Stewardship Coordinators for Yukon Schools. Year 4

CRE-06-15 Yukon River North Mainstem Stewardship. Year 10

CRE-19-15 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Stock Restoration Community Technical Advisor (REPORT PENDING)


CC-01-15 Yukon River In-Season Salmon Management Teleconferences. Year 12

CC-02-15 Yukon River Education Exchange Program. Year 12

CC-03-15 Yukon River Pre-Season Planning Meeting. Year 6 (REPORT PENDING)

CC-04-15 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Stock Restoration Education Initiative