R & E Reports 2014


URE-01-14N Genetic stock identification of fall chum salmon in commercial harvests, Yukon River

URE-09-14 Rampart Rapids All Season Video Monitoring

URE-05-14N Genetic stock identification of fall chum salmon in subsistence harvest from the Tanana Area, Yukon River

URE-03-14 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Subsistence Sampling: (Anvik, Galena, Ruby,Fort Yukon)

URE-06-14N Exploration of potential early life mortality in Canadian-origin Chinook salmon eggs due to thiamine deficiency

URE-16-14 Yukon River Border Sonar Operations

CRE-78-14 Collection and Analysis of Yukon River DNA Baseline Samples in the Alaska and Canada

CRE-79-14 Yukon River Salmon Stock Identification

CRE-05-14N Collection of genetic material from adult Chinook Salmon in the North Big Salmon watershed

CRE-01-14 Mainstem Teslin River sonar project

CRE-10-14 Porcupine River Chum Salmon Telemetry – Year 2

CRE-37-14 Blind Creek Chinook Salmon Enumeration Weir

CRE-41-14 Chinook Salmon Sonar Enumeration on the Big Salmon River

CRE-09-14N Porcupine River Chinook Salmon Sonar Program

CRE-11-14N Chinook salmon radio tracking and genetic sampling in the Porcupine River, Canada

CRE-20-14 Temperature monitoring of Yukon River Chinook Salmon spawning and migration habitats in Canada

CRE-51-14 2014 Michie Creek Salmon and Habitat Monitoring Project


CRE-15-14N Restoration of Chinook Salmon – Upper Mayo River (REPORT PENDING)

CRE-24-14 McIntyre Creek Stream Bank Stabilization

CRE-25-14 Fox Creek Salmon Restoration Project

CRE-16-14N Yukon River Chinook Salmon Mainstem Outplant Program Spawning Success Evaluation


CRE-02-14 Salmon Stewardship Coordinators for Yukon Schools

CRE-06-14 Yukon River North Mainstem Stewardship

CRE-07-14 Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Fish Culture Camp

CRE-64-14 Whitehorse Rapids Hatchery Stewardship

CRE-65-14 McIntyre Creek Salmon Incubation Project


CC-01-14 Yukon River In-Season Management Teleconferences

CC-02-14 Yukon River Educational Exchange Trip

CC-03-14 Yukon River Pre-Season Planning Process