R & E Reports 2013


URE-08-13 Tech Assistance & Dev Support to Rampart Rapids

URE-09-13 Rampart Rapids all season video monitoring

URE-03-13 Yukon River Chinook Salmon Subsistence Sampling: (Holy Cross, Anvik, Galena, Ruby, Fort Yukon)

CRE-78-13 Collection and Analysis of Yukon River DNA Baseline Samples in Alaska and Canada – Canadian Collections

CRE-79-13 Yukon River Salmon Stock Identification

CRE-01-13 Mainstem Teslin River sonar project

CRE-10-13N Porcupine River Chum Salmon Telemetry Program

CRE-37-13 Blind Creek Chinook Salmon Enumeration Weir

CRE-41-13 Sonar Enumeration of Chinook Salmon on the Big Salmon River

CRE-114-13 Porcupine Sonar Report 2013

CRE-63-13 Whitehorse Rapids Hatchery (Decimal) Coded Wire Tagging and Recovery

CRE-20-13N Temperature monitoring of Yukon River Chinook Salmon spawning and migration habitats in Canada

CRE-51-13 Michie Creek Monitoring 2013


CRE-22-13N Fishing Branch River Chum Salmon Habitat Assessment

CRE-54-13 Ta’an Kwach’an Council (TKC) Community Restoration Program

CRE-24-13N McIntyre Ck Streambank Stabilization – Report of Project Activities

CRE-25-13N Fox Creek Stream Channel Restoration Project


CRE-06-13 Yukon River Mainstem Stewardship

CRE-07-13 First Fish Final Report

CRE-26-13N Yukon River International Salmon Summit

CRE-64-13 Whitehorse Rapids Fishway Salmon Stewardship Program

CRE-65-13 McIntyre Creek Salmon Incubation Project

CRE-128-13 Ta’an Kwach’an Council Family Fish Camp


CC-01-13 Yukon River In-Season Management Teleconferences

CC-02-13 Yukon River Educational Exchange

CC-03-13 Yukon River Pre-Season Planning Process