Yukon River Panel

The Yukon River Panel (YRP) makes recommendations to management entities on both sides of the U.S./Canada border concerning the conservation and management of salmon originating in Canada. Unlike other regional panels and committees established under the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the Yukon River Panel follows its own internal procedures and does not report to the Pacific Salmon Commission—the body formed by U.S. and Canadian governments to implement the Pacific Salmon Treaty.

Yukon River Panel Members

Established under the Yukon River Salmon Agreement, this international advisory body is comprised of six representatives of the Canadian section serving five-year terms and six representatives of the United States section serving four-year terms. The Panel also has Alternate and Advisory members.

The Canadian section must have four members who are members of the Yukon Salmon Committee per the Umbrella Final Agreement.  Per the U.S. Yukon River Salmon Act of 2000, the U.S. section must have four members who are knowledgeable and experienced regarding salmon fisheries on the Yukon River and at least one must be an Alaska Native and represent interests of the Lower Yukon River fishing districts and the Upper Yukon River fishing districts.

Yukon River Panel Responsibilities

To implement the agreement, the Yukon River Panel:

  • meets semiannually, usually in the fall and spring, alternating between venues in Alaska and Yukon and is open to the public;
  • makes annual recommendations to the respective management agencies regarding conservation, restoration, rebuilding and management of salmon stocks originating in the Yukon River in Canada;
  • makes recommendations to coordinate management of the Yukon River fisheries that affect Canadian-origin salmon stocks;
  • manages the Restoration & Enhancement Fund; and
  • makes bylaws and procedural rules as may be necessary for the functions and the conduct of meetings.

Yukon River Panel Executive Secretariat

The Agreement and Yukon River Panel Bylaws enable the Panel to appoint an Executive Secretary to perform various responsibilities to support the Panel.  These responsibilities include:

  • managing the Panel’s administrative affairs and budget;
  • providing staff support for meetings of the Panel;
  • encouraging communication within the Panel and between the Panel, special interests, and members of the public; and
  • managing the R&E Fund–including  issuing the call for project proposals, managing project contracts and reporting on the status of the R&E projects.

Bylaws of the Yukon River Panel, November 2002 [PDF]